Frost guard machines

When there is a stagnation on the ground of a layer of cold air, it is possible, by means of fans, to remix this layer, with the overlying hot ones, thus avoiding the formation of frost.

This protection is effective up to temperatures of about -4 ° C.

For frost, we mean a meteorological phenomenon characterized by a strong lowering of the air temperature which, starting from positive values, reaches values ​​below zero.

During the day, the soil absorbs the heat propagated by the sun’s rays and during the night, reflects this heat in the air that has cooled in the meantime.

The large losses of heat, in general, occur immediately before sunrise, giving rise to frost, causing extensive damage to plants in vegetation.
The heat reflected from the ground during the night, generates an inversion layer at about 10-15 m from the ground.

In the case of extended and stationary frost, the only way to move the hot air present in the inversion layer, towards the cold air deposited on the vegetation, is represented by anti-freezing fans.

The aim is to favor the flow of the maximum possible amount of hot air, towards cold and stationary air.

Anti-freeze fans consist essentially of a 10.50 m high tower, a propeller, an engine located in a closed cabin and a fuel tank.

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