PVC high speed doors

Our high-speed roll-up doors – with aluminum frame – are designed for all types of industrial applications.

High speed doors (internal) are used when one section of the structure must be isolated from another, ensuring effective protection against heat, dust and humidity.

The high speed door helps you achieve your operational goals; save energy, reduce total operating costs, regulate traffic flow and improve logistics.

Our models are compact, easy to install and use and suitable for all needs.

Thanks to the high opening and closing speed (A = 1.8 m/s; C = 1.2 m/s), this type of product facilitates the flow of traffic in safety.

technical features


The fabric we use is made of 900g / m2 colored PVC; the sheet is connected to the shaft in such a way as to occupy the least possible space, thus giving us the possibility of considerably reducing the dimensions of the roller cover.

In case of contact with people and / or things, the lower part (pocket) of the fabric deforms without causing damage.

The absence of “bars or reinforcements” in the pocket of the sheet guarantees complete safety in the event of an accidental impact. In addition, a zip with an exclusive design is welded on both sides of the fabric to allow the self-repair of the door.


In order to ensure optimal lighting and improve visibility between the various rooms, portholes or sections of transparent fabric can be obtained in the sheets.
As standard, our curtains have a line of portholes (H = 300mm; L to be defined).
As an option, we can provide extra rows of portholes, “high vision” openings (perimeter in polyester) and “full fision” openings (perimeter in polyester).

Insulated high speed doors

Our 45 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration sector have allowed us to create “cooling” models, taking into account all the needs deriving from the branch in question, making them, combined with our sliding doors, the ideal solution to regulate the flow and the traffic of cold rooms, with a view to saving energy.

The low temperature models are equipped with an insulated PVC sheet as standard, which guarantees optimal thermal insulation.

Upon request, it is possible to install a kit of electric resistances which include the gearmotor and the door structure.

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