Automation kit “Electromatic”


Electromatic is the exclusive automation kit for PFI sliding doors.

Thanks to the application of the 380Vac gear motor on the door leaf, the motorization does not create any further lateral and in height encumbrance.

The transmission of the movement takes place by means of a toothed polyurethane belt that does not require any maintenance and guarantees an unparalleled silence.

The management of the operation is entrusted to an electronic board that, through an encoder applied to the electric motor, constantly monitors the position and the speed of the door.

This application allows the board to manage self learning feature, avoiding limit switches and their settings, partial opening and safety feature.

The inverter technology allows the management of variable opening and closing speeds, opening and closing slow-downs and the power supply by 230Vac single-phase system despite the 380V three-phase motor.

The Electromatic motorization can be equipped with a radio remote control as well as any other additional opening and safety device.